The Band


 CRAiC HAUS (pronounced crack house) translated from Irish and German, means FUNHOUSE.

CRAiC HAUS (formed in 2005) is Danny Oberbeck (from the original LOST CAUSE) on drums, mandolin, penny whistle and lead vocals, Dylan Blue (Danny’s son) on guitar, mandolin and backing vocals and Dylan’s high school friend Julian Johnson (from Jonny Come Lately) on King Double bass and accordion. 

As the only PIONEERS of SHAMROCKABILLY, CRAiC HAUS  hails from Claremont California, but brings a heavy dose of the Emerald Isle to their aggressive rockabilly sound. With the occasional penny whistle , mandolin or harmonica thrown into the mix, their original tunes have captured the ears and beers of fans all over the world.

Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers calls their SHAMROCKABILLY “ FANTASTIC”. 

This high energy, tight trio has raised roofs and brought great cheer to pubs and clubs all over so-cal and beyond.  Having shared the stage with other great acts like: -X-, the Bay City Rollers, the METEORS, DEVIL'S BRIGADE, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, the CHOP TOPS, the ROCKETZ and a slew of touring Rockabilly/Psychobilly bands,  CRAiC HAUS manages to get the audience on their feet doing a jig in the pit or singing along  to their memorable songs, like “Bottom Of A Guinness”.

CRAiC HAUS also performs as an acoustic traditional Irish band. A unique mix of Irish, Hillbilly and Swing.  When on the road, CRAiC HAUS traditional will often be the opening act, for the SHAMROCKABILLY SHOW, providing a FULL FORCE CRAiC ATTACK.

This year, with the release of their new CD “ Siren of the Sea” (with Devil Doll as a guest vocalist), CRAiC HAUS has raised the BAR ( and we mean that both ways) to a new level of Fun.

Danny  began his musical career in 1981 at the age of 14 when his punk band LOST CAUSE got signed to the biggest indie record deal of it’s time (the second release after LOST CAUSE was to be METALLICA) After tens of thousands of records had been sold world-wide, the owners of the company got arrested for embezzling 13 million dollars to start the company. So ends the tail of early success. Danny made $45 from the whole adventure and bought a used banjo. He discovered Folk music and now, the rest is ongoing history.  He’s had the pleasure of opening for a wide array of musical acts, from THE COASTERS, BRENTON WOOD, BAY CITY ROLLERS,-X-, SUGAR RAY, MURIEL ANDERSON, and a slew of punk bands. Danny has been a prolific songwriter throughout the years having released several albums and shared songwriting credits with the likes of Jim Brickman.

His biggest musical joy has been playing regularly with his son Dylan Blue for the last 7 years.


Dylan’s interest in music started at a 6th grade talent show, where he worked up a band of friends and learned “YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY” by the BEASTIE BOYS. The 6th grade girls went crazy and a ROCK STAR was born. Well, for the moment. Dylan’s influences quickly grew beyond rock. Dylan learned the art of fingerstyle guitar from his guitar teacher (Surf guitar Legend) JOHNNY FORTUNE . Dylan’s been on a CHET ATKINS DIET ever since.  He’s had the great opportunity to jam with some of the greats- Bob Saxton (Pasty Cline, Gene Vincent) Gary Lambert (Johnny Cash) and John Pisano (Roy Clark, Herb Alpert). Dylan plays for EASTMAN.GUITARS.


Julian’s musical career started in Jr. High. With a twin brother (Adrian) and a musical family history, Julian hit the bass with a vengeance.  With his first group (JONNY COME LATELY) they made it into the TOP 20 on the second season of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Julian has joined the ranks of the greatest upright players around. From SLAP to JAZZ, Julian has a unique style that will blow your mind. 


If the HAUS is SHAMROCKIN’ …don’t bother knockin’