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THURSDAY AUG. 21 CRAiC HAUS OPENS for the legendary UK punk band the MEMBERS. Characters in pomona

Craic Haus first album"Who's Yer Paddy Now?" voted #15 in the top 20 all time greatest Celtic punk albums
see who beat us at the link below
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What Others Have Said...

 Tre Cool (Drummer of GREEN DAY) They're Great! Really FUN. (he bought  all of our CDs and a couple of shirts)

John Doe (musician ‘X’)—“Great Show!”

Zander Schloss (Musician- Weirdos, Circle Jerks, Throw rag, Joe Strummer)   - "CRAic Haus reminded me of why i play music"



Reverend Horton Heat (Musician) to Dylan after the Rev caught our set "I know you, you're that kid that was playing Guitar, YOU'RE GREAT!"

Matt Freeman (Rancid /Devil's Brigade) after openeing for Devil's brigade "Holy Sh#T, that's the last time i try to follow them.

Dicky Barrett (singer MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES) –“ Beautiful”


Sam Maloof (Artist/woodworker)-  “ Wonderful”


Kim Fowley (Producer) – “Good Stuff”

Tarquin Gotch (Producer -first signed the STRAY CATS and the ENGLISH BEAT among many others) I am a FAN! Strong songwriting.


Frances Conroy (Actress) – “Talented and So much Fun”


Gary Garver (Radio Host) - “WOW… Awesome

”Big Sandy ( musicician) So talented, why aren't these guys world famous?


Evan Seinfeld (Adult Film Star/musician BIO HAZARD) – “I want to hire CRAiC HAUS to follow me around all day and be the soundtrack to my life”


Little Lupe (Adult film Star) “ (My favorite Shamrockabilly band”)


Phil Alvin ( musician ‘The BLASTERS’) – just GREAT!”


Arthur Rand (singer ‘INK SPOTS’) – “What Talent !”


Devil Doll (Singer) – “ So, talented, my new favorite band”


Ben Harper (Musician) – “Great”


Jake Burns (musician ‘STIFF LITTLE FINGERS’) – “Shamrockabilly, FANTASTIC!”


Raiford Rogers (Ballet Director/ Choreographer) -“ Really Talented, why aren’t they famous?”


Ian Mitchell (Musician ‘BAY CITY ROLLERS’) – “very, VERY high energy!”


Jack Gibson (musician ‘EXODUS’) – “so much fun!”


Danny B Harvey (musician “ROCKATS, HEAD CAT) “Really Great, can’t stop listening to their CD”


Chuck Hughes (musician ‘HILLBILLY HELLCATS’) -  These guys would go over great anywhere! GREAT)


Chad Szeliga (drummer ‘BREAKING BENJAMIN’) – “Why aren’t you guys world famous?”


Sinner (musician ‘the CHOP TOPS”) – “Ridiculously talented”


Josh Todd (singer ‘BUCK CHERRY’) – “ Great! Dylan’s a ROCK STAR!”


Dave King (singer ‘FLOGGING MOLLY’) – “You guys suck….’hic-cup’”


EXENE (singer/poet ‘X’) – “CRAiC HAUS? I like that, I think I’m part irish”